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Hello and welcome. So, you are looking for a new Dermal, Navel or Eyebrows piercing in Delhi, them you have come to the right place. Getting a new piercing is always a fun and a pure fashion accessory and at the same time it should always be done by professional only as it is always performed on your body part. Correct placement, precise depth of the jewellery under the skin and correct entry and exit points are very important for a good looking and healthy piercing.

We have been piercing people since last 8 years and have a long experience of performing verity of body piercings. When talking about surface piercing, it includes Dermal/Micro dermal, Navel/belly Button, Eyebrow and many other piercings and they are very high on fashion these days.

Sternum Piercing

Most popular among females In Delhi, India (Also Called Chest Piercing)

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As the name itself suggest this piercing is done on sternum area right on the cleavage or on the centre of both the breast as shown on the picture. This piercing needs a very high level of experience as the entry point and exit point of the piercing has to be very precise with a correct depth. This body piercing looks amazing as just 2 individual beads are visible and rest of the jewellery is hidden under the skin.

Jewellery for this piercing is a stapler pin type surface bar. For a healthy and a good piercing only this type of jewellery should be used which is not available easily. This piercing is more popular among girls and gives an amazing and sexy look to the lower chest. So, if you are looking to get this piercing done in Delhi, look no further. Book an appointment with today.

Dermal/Microdermal Anchor In Delhi

Gorgeous Piercing

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Dermal piercing is also called Chest piercing in Delhi and other parts of India. It is unisex piercing and mostly done on lower throat, right on the centre of the chest as can be seen in the pictures. Generally, people go for single dermal/Microdermal Piercing. This is an implant which should only be done by highly experienced piercer. This piercing looks amazing as it is not very familiar with people and among some of the new piercings in India. People generally confuse that how is it done as only a stone bead is visible of the jewellery rest all is an implant. This should be done correctly. Jewellery should be settled correctly as correct depth under the skin is very important.

Dermal is always done on a flat surface of the body. It is mostly done on upper centre chest or on the cleavage line. It can also be done on lower back, hands or upper cheeks. This piercing is considered as a high maintenance piercing as it should never be pulled by anything like cloths, neckless jewellery or accidently pulling. It is also referred as anchor piercing as bottom of the jewellery settles under the skin like an anchor of a ship. We have been doing this piercing since last 8 years and have deep knowledge and experience of this piercing. We generally do a brief consolation before the piercing and try to clear all questions and concerns of customers before the piercing.

Eyebrow Piercing

Unisex Piercing, But More Famous Among Males

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As the name, this piercing is done on the outer edge of the eyebrows. This is a very trending piercing in Delhi and many other metro cities in India. This is a unisex piercing, so males for females love this, but it is more popular among young males. Placement of the jewellery depends on the anatomy of the face. If it is not placed correctly, it might not give an amazing look what you actually wanted. A curved barbel type of surgical grade steel jewellery is used for this and its entry and exit points should be correct. If done wrongly both points would either be very close to each other or far away making the healing process tough. We have a verity of eyebrow jewellery to choose from which suites your style.

Healing time for this is about 2 to 4 months depending upon your proper aftercare and health conditions. This piercing is very visible and may enhance your personality. We have seen a lot of people being confused that will it look good on them? Well.. It is very important to have a confidence of caring this piercing and body language which you learn by time.

So, if you are looking for a professional, safe any hygienic piercing we are there to serve you. Please visit us on our contact us page and book your appoint today.

Navel/Belly Button Piercing in Delhi

One Of The Most Loved Piercing Among Females

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Navel Piercing also called Belly Button Piercing is one of the most loved piercings primely among females. It is done on the upper edge of the navel and on rare conditions on the lower edge which is called lower navel piercing or both, upper and lower navel piercing which is called double navel piercing. It looks amazing on a flat or slim tummy. This should be done all straight with bigger ball going down and small ball facing up as shown in the pictures.

This piercing enhances your looks and personality and can be seen done many celebrities. it is majorly done on females but now days a very few males have also started accepting this piercing. Like any other piercing this piercing need a proper aftercare in order to heal it well. It is recommended to always get this piercing by some professional in order to perform a hygienic piercing to avoid any infection or discomfort

Tummy is a part which stretches when you do any sports, dancing or any other activity, so it is important to balance it such a way that it has enough skin depth and still leaves some room for starching.

We have been doing a lots of navel/bellow button piercing since long time. You can check some of our work on you YouTube channel Lazy Piercer

Also watch a video done by us which will help you know 10 points before you get your navel piercing done.

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