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Ear Piercing EarPiercing


Ear piercings are one of the most popular and common piercings all over the world. They also have traditional influence in many countries. There are a lot of verities of ear piercings. All of them look awesome with fancy and stylish jewelry. Click below to know more.

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Nose Piercing NosePiercing


Nose piercings are a must have for ladies and slowly catching up among men too all over the world. It also has a very high traditional value in India. Standard nose and septum piercing are very popular. Click to know more

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Oral Piercing OralPiercing


Oral piercings are for the new generation. Few people get this piercing. Most popular is the tongue piercing. These piercing require a good aftercare in its early stages. These are sensitive piercings and should be done properly. Tap to know more about these piercings.

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Surface Piercing SurfacePiercing


As the name itself suggests “Surface Piercings”, these are the piercings done on any flat surface on body, like navel, eyebrows and many others. Most popular are the dermal and eyebrows piercing. Dermal piercing in particularly catching up among girls.

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Nipple Piercing NipplePiercing


Nipple piercings are a little rare. Both men and women get these piercings. These piercings are very personal and people get then as a desire. It takes a little long to heal and require a good aftercare. These piercing are great for personal life/desires.

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Genital Piercing GenitalPiercing


Genital Piercing… now these piercings are for hardcore people. These are not your regular piercings. Very very personal again. One should do a good research and get these piercings from a professional artist

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Hello and Welcome to

We are the finest body piercing studios located in Delhi, India. Dedicated to all types of body piercings since last 8 years.

Piercings have always been a body fashion accessory since almost the beginning of humankind, and the trend will always continue. Piercings also have a very traditional value around the world, like in India's nose, ear-piercing is very traditional across different religionsxx, and people want to get pierced as early as possible.Now as the trend continues, many have started to get Navel , Septum (Nose Piercing) , Dermal (Surface Piercing), Eyebrows and even male or female Nipple and Male/Female Genital piercings.

We understand the importance of piercing is done with a great professional method and try to follow all the recommendations of APP(Association of Professional Piercers). Since piercings are done on body parts, it should always be done by a professional and someone who has deep knowledge about it. Your desire for piercings may turn into a disaster or health issue if not done professionally. In India Gun piercing method is most common and is widely adopted by unprofessional piercers and jewelry stores. Gun piercing is one of the most unhygienic methods of piercing as same gun is used on every customer which may be a prime reason of cross contamination of blood diseases and many other bacteria and lead to infection and other health issues.

Be it any piercing from the most basic standard ear lobe to the most complex piercings, we do it all with the most hygienic way and use proper piercing needles which are sealed, sterilised and comes sealed packed and are for single use only. This method is the safest and there is no chance of any cross contamination. For every new piercing , whole new setup is prepared.

Not only this, all the body jewellery we use are surgical-grade and are sterilised and sealed. Any jewelry being used without sterilization is not recommended. Our experience of over 8 years will ensure you the correct piercing location on any body part and our understanding of day to day healing with our proper aftercare guide will lead to a healthy and long lasting piercings.

Our advanced techniques and professional methods bring customers from all over India, and we understand their expectations. So we do a proper consultation before performing any piercing and let customers ask questions and clear all their doubts to their satisfaction We ensure that every customer is visiting us to get an amazing piercing.

Not only during piercing we are always available for our customers to clear all their doubts and questions during healing and help them heal it well. So if you need any piercing in Delhi or anywhere in India, we are here to serve you. Just visit on our contact us page and book your appointment today

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