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Welcome to Delhi’s best body piercing studios. We are a team of highly trained and very professional piercing artist located in Surajmal Vihar East Delhi India. We as a artist understand our responsibilities, so all our services are performed under very strict hygiene and all international guidelines as recommended by APP . If you are looking for a gunshot body piercings, we must say, you are at a wrong place. All our piercings are done using piercing needles which is the safest and almost painless. All needles are 316 surgical grades steel. As far as jewelry is concerned, that too is surgical grade, which we provide along with the piercing. So get your dream piercing today. Be it Nose , Navel , Ear, Nipples, Dermal or any other, we do it all. We assure you to have the best of piercing.

Oral piercings are body modifications that involve the tongue, lips and/or mouth. Body piercers emphasize that oral piercings are more than just tongue or lip piercings.

The most common forms of oral piercings involve either a piercing through the centre of the tongue or a piercing in the lower lip. Other areas, such as the roof or floor of your mouth. Although some people may refer to all types of oral piercings as tongue being pierced this term typically refers to a piercing through your tongue's frenulum (the tissue underneath your tongue). Some forms of oral piercings — such as a labret — may be done for cultural reasons, while others — such as tongue and lip piercings — are usually purely aesthetic.

There are many different oral piercing types, and each one has its own unique set of risks and rewards. In ancient times, people who had this done were thought to be more attractive and sexually appealing. In modern days it has become a way for people to show off their identity

Best Tongue/Oral Piercing Studio in Delhi

Here in Delhi, we pride ourselves on being the best oral piercing studio in India. We offer a huge range of piercings from ears to eyebrows and provide bespoke designs for more unusual requests, all with great attention to detail. Use Of high-quality products and safe procedures - our aim is that you leave happy every time

We do all type of oral piercings, from Tongue to Labret, Web, Smiley, Dimple and many more piercings. If professional and safe piercing is on your top priority list, look no further. Our years of knowledge base and experience make all the process very easy for any piercing. These piercings are not common piercings, these are highly sensitive piercing which should always and only be done by professionals.

Not only before and during piercing, we will help you with all the aftercare process and will help you during the entire healing period.

Tongue Piercing In Delhi

Tongue piercing, one of the most loved oral piercing

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A tongue piercing is a type of body piercing that passes through the tongue. It is the fourth most popular type of body piercing, after earlobe, navel, and nostril piercings. The healing time for a tongue piercing is about four to six weeks depending on your health conditions and aftercare.

The most common jewellery used in a tongue piercing is a straight barbell. Some people choose to have a piece of ring-style jewellery instead, but this is more likely to cause injury. The jewellery is usually made of surgical grade stainless steel

This piercing is being done on sensitive part of the body, so it should always be done by a professional and experienced piercer. Any wrong piercing may lead to problems like infection and tissue damage on the tongue. So, if you are looking for a tongue piercing in Delhi, book an appoint today for a free consultation.

Vertical Labret Piercing

One of the most loved piercing

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A vertical labret piercing is a lip piercing that goes through the centre of the lower lip till the upper centre of the lip as shown on the pictures. It is a relatively new piercing, first appearing in the early 2000s

Vertical labret piercings are done the same way as other lip piercings. A piercing needle is used to pass through the lower lip. After this a curved barbell is placed as jewellery. Healing time for vertical labret piercings can vary; however, many people heal their piercing with no problems within 1 to 2 months.

As this piercing is done on sensitive part of lip, you may see some swelling for some hours which is normal. We will guide you through all the healing and aftercare process. Vertical labret piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the lower lip but typically in the centre. Depending on the person's preference.

Snake Bite

For the Punk

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Snakebite piercings are done on the outer edges on lower lip just like labret piercing, giving it a snake bite look. Same jewellery which is used for labret is used for this piercing.

The first documented instance of the snakebite piercing was found in North America during the 1970s. It's believed to have originated with biker gangs. These days, snake bites are popular among people who identify as Goth or punks. They are becoming popular in Delhi and other parts of India. Its balancing and placement should be correct, so it's important that anyone who wishes to get one should see a professional piercer for guidance.

The snake bite piercing is a fairly new type of piercing, quickly becoming popular. It is said to be one of the least painful piercings to get, and is also one of the most visually appealing. Many people choose this piercing because it is unique and different from other piercings. The healing time for a snake bite piercing is typically 8-12 weeks. It is important to keep the area clean and dry during this time

Medusa Piercing AKA Philtrum Piercing

This is a piercing which is loved the most and people in Delhi have started accepting this piercing

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This body piercing is done through the philtrum, between the nose and the upper lip. The basic idea behind this piercing is to pierce above the septum but low enough to not interfere with normal breathing. It was originally practised by ancient Egyptians, who saw beauty in its uniqueness. According to ancient Greek mythology, it was believed that whoever looked upon Medusa would turn to stone. "Medusa" itself is derived from the Greek word for "guardian, protectress". The name likely originated because of her once very long hair, which protected her face. Also known as Gorgon's Head, Medusa was transformed into a monster by Athena after she angered them one too many times.

Today, the medusa piercing is still considered quite a unique piercing. It is not as popular as other piercings but still has a small following. Some people believe that it offers a more elegant look than other piercings and is perfect for those who want something different. It is considered a more advanced piercing and should only be attempted by professionals only. The healing time for a medusa piercing can vary but is generally around 3 to 6 months. It is important to keep the area clean and dry to avoid infection. There may be some swelling and bruising after the piercing, but this should disappear within a few days. Pain levels vary from person to person, but most people report that it is not too painful.

Labret/Lip Piercing In Delhi

Most common and loved piercing

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The labret piercing is done on the centre of lower. Labret or any oral piercings are one of the piercings which hurts the least. The jewellery worn in this kind of piercings consists of straight barbell which has a flat disc on the inside and a ball on the outer side

The healing time for labrets is very quick depending on your aftercare and health conditions. You should not touch or play with your piercing during this time and keep it clean. You will also have to avoid smoking and alcohol because they can slow down the healing process which applies to all the oral piercings.

Labret piercings are becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially with young people in Delhi and other part of India. They are a great way to express yourself and can look cool.


For a cool look

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As the name suggest, this piercing is done on cheeks and particularly on dimple. Muscles and skin on cheeks are pretty thick making this piercing a little difficult to heal because while eating or speaking these muscles stretch making the healing process slower. However, if done correctly and taker a correct aftercare this will heal fast.

The jewellery for a Dimple Piercing is typically a straight barbell, and the placement of the piercing will depend on the individual's anatomy. The piercer may need to adjust the placement slightly depending on how deep the dimple is and how large the opening is. You must find a qualified piercer to do this type of piercing as it can be difficult to get it in exactly the right spot and maintain proper hygiene.

The decision to have this piercing is typically based on personal preference; it is not as common as other piercings, but it has increased in popularity in recent years. Some people may pierce their cheeks because they think it will make them look more attractive, while others might do it for cultural or religious reasons.


Slowly becoming popular among girls in Delhi,India

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Dahlia Piercing is a type of oral piercing. It is named after the Dahlia flower because of its similar shape. The Dahlia Piercing is less popular in Delhi, India. People are learning to accept this piercing style. It is done with a or 16-gauge needle and labret type of jewellery is used for this. The healing time for a Dahlia Piercing is usually between 4 and 6 weeks

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