Male/Female Nipple Piercing In Delhi

Welcome to Delhi’s best body piercing studios. We are a team of highly trained and very professional piercing artist located in Surajmal Vihar East Delhi India. We as a artist understand our responsibilities, so all our services are performed under very strict hygiene and all international guidelines as recommended by APP. As far as jewellery is concerned, that too is surgical grade, which we provide along with the piercing. So if you need a male/female nipple piercing in New Delhi, you are at a right place.

Nipple Piercing In Delhi

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Get the best and professional Piercing

Nipple piercings have always been a secret fashion statement all around the world and now in India also people have started to accepting it. This Piercing is unisex, means males and female both can get it but it is more popular among females.

A lot of people get this piercing to fulfil their desires and sex appeal and get it secretly and with this comes the quality of the piercing. As these piercing are done on a very sensitive part of the body, this should only be done by an experienced professional only. Its placement, jewellery size, length should always be correct. It is strongly recommended that not to get this piercing done from any amateur as it may cause infections, delayed healing and much more.

We do all the piercings with the most perfections and keeping hygiene on top priority. Like any other piercing this is also done using piercing needles which are sealed and open on front of customer by checking its expiry dates. Jewellery we use are surgical grade metal which is the best for any new piercing. These jewelleries are sterilised and sealed which is also open on front of customers. A lot of people are concerned about the pain during the process, but if done professionally it really don’t hurt that much. It is bearable and anyone above 18 years of age can get it. We don’t do any piercing to anyone who is below 18 years of age as it is not recommended as per international safety guidelines.

Hygiene during any piercing process is very important and your piercing is a wound which needs to be healed properly to avoid any discomfort. We guide you to the whole process of aftercare and other important things. Not only this even before piercing we do a proper consultation with customers so that we and understand their requirements and they might have a lots of questions and doubts which needs to be answered. Mostly people get both the nipples pierced, but it is completely up to you. If you want you single nipple pierced, that an also be done which is also very trending.

It is also important that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have diabetes should not get nipple piercing

Inverted nipples correction

inverted nipple piercing in india inverted female nipple piercing in delhi

Nipple piercing also helps in inverted nipples correction. Some people have inverted nipples as shown in the picture. Inverted nipples are nipples that point inward or stay flat, rather than pointing out. It’s also called retracted nipples. It can happen in one breast or both. This problem is very rare. Some people are born with this problem and some develop it with time ,but yes this can be corrected by surgical method which is a costly affair. Any surgical correction may cost anywhere from Rs 20,000/- to 80,000/- whereas piercing is a very economical option. Females heaving inverted nipples face a lot of problem when it comes to breastfeeding their infants or with their partners.

There are 3 stages of this conditions.

1. Nipples are flat, they point outside for some time but mostly remain flat. This can easily be corrected by piercing.

2. Nipples are inverted, but point out for some time and then get inverted most of the time. This condition can also be corrected by piercing.

3. Nipple are inverted and never point out. This is the most critical condition. This can also be corrected by piercing but takes some efforts.

Nipple Piercing Care

Bearing in mind that any recently made perforation is sensitive to dirt and pressure from the jewel, care is basic:

• Wash the area with saline once or twice a day and keep the nipple piercing as dry as possible.

• Don't pick off any scabs that may form while it's healing. With correct washing, we can avoid its formation.

• Do not touch or twist the jewelry. Moving the jewels causes the healing to be extended. If, for any reason, you have to touch it, always remember to wash your hands before doing so.

• Avoid swimming while you are healing. Water from swimming pools, the sea, lakes, or rivers is a possible infection source. We advise you to wash the area with clean water if you do. It is safest to use something single-use to dry, such as a tissue.

• Do not remove the jewelry while the piercing is not healed. A nipple piercing takes 4 to 6 months to heal.

Nipple Piercing: Frequently Asked Questions

Question- Can you breastfeed with a nipple piercing?

Answer- well-made and infection-free piercing allows you to breastfeed your baby without any problem.

Question- Does the nipple piercing make my nipples more sensitive?

Answer- Somewhere between urban legend and reality. The truth is that the piercing makes the nipples stand out and, therefore, increases the normal perception of this part of the body. Some people swear that it affects the pleasure you can feel when touched... but it depends on your taste and sensitivity!

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