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When you want to get your nose pierced, finding a professional Nose Piercing Studio in Delhi India is very important. Nose Piercing is an ancient practice that has been carried out for centuries and done for various reasons like religious purposes, fashion statements, etc. If we discuss Nose piercing nowadays, then it primarily relates to fashion statements and self-expression motives and with this it is very important that it should be done hygienically and correct placement and good professional level. This is why we are here for you to give you all your piercing solutions

Method of nose piercing

When it comes to any piercing, mostly gunshot method is used by jewelers and many others who are not at all trained and follow no hygiene and professionalism in Delhi,Inida. Most of them don't even wear gloves which is very low level of professional. Any piercing is being done on your body and it should always be done carefully so that you don't face any health issues and infections. Gunshot method is very unprofessional as same equipment is used on everyone which may lead to a lot of cross contamination and this method also cause heavy damage to skin which will take longer to heal. Also, the jewellery being used with gunshot piercing cannot be sterilised which makes all this process very unhygienic

We use proper piercing needles which are sealed pack, sterilized and single time use. This method is widely being used worldwide by many professional piercers around the world. Piercing needle cause very less damage to skin means fast healing. This is single time use, so there is no chance of any cross contamination.

Jewellery We Recommend

We have always recommended and promoted the use of surgical grade 316L stainless steel jewellery. This is the best metal for any new piercing and is non allergic. For any new piercing we provide the most standard and simple jewellery, we don’t recommend any fancy or big piece as it will make the healing and cleaning your piercing difficult. Studs are the best choice for fresh piercing. Curved or rind type jewellery is not recommended as it keeps your piercing twisted unnaturally making it difficult to heal. Once your piercing is healed, you can shift to any jewellery as per your choice(Gold or Silver. Artificial is not recommended).


Nostril piercing or generally called nose piercing

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This piercing is a must have for females and now catching up among males around the globe. It is generally done on the left side of the nose, but there is no set rule. It all depends on your requirements, be it left side or right side. It is the most commonly done kind of piercing and has a very high traditional value in Delhi and around the country. Nose piercing is done by placing a small piece of jewellery called studs or rings in your nostrils. Nose piercing can also enhance your facial features, which is probably the main reason women get their noses pierced today.

There is a huge verity of jewellery available in New Delhi for nose piercing. We suggest you to let your piercing heal completely and then change to gold or silver. Changing jewellery before it is healed is not a good idea


Septum Piercing, one of the best-looking piercings of all

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It is done by piercing the nasal septum, the thin wall of cartilage that separates your nostrils. Nose piercings are usually performed on both sides of your nose. Nose septum piercing is common among girls in Delhi, but guys have started liking it too. Septum piercing can be done with a horse shoe or captive bead ring. Septum rings used should be made from surgical steel to avoid allergies and other skin irritations

The best part of this piercing is the you can always hide this piercing without taking off the ornament by flipping up the jewellery if wearing a horse shoe type ring.


Bridge piercing, some people call it “A jewel in between eyes”

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It is the most popular type of piercing that involves piercing the skin between both of your eyes on the top most part of the nose as shown on the picture Nose bridge piercings are commonly done for aesthetic purposes. It is very high on fashion statement and one should know to how to carry it. It is less common in Delhi but people are slowly accepting this piercing

This is a unisex piercing and need a little extra aftercare. Chances of getting the piercing pulled while face wash and many other times are high, so you need to be careful at that part.

Curved barbell the best jewellery for this piercing. It fits the anatomy of the pierced area and doesn’t irritate your piercing

High Nostril

One of the most liked piercing all around the world.

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High nostril piercing is a new trend in body piercings. People generally go for this with their existing standard nostril piercing. Nigh nostril is very popular among men these days. Both the piercings all together look great. It can be done on both sides of the nose. Nigh nostril is a little typical piercing, so should only be done by a professional piercer.

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