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Ear Piercing is an art. Earrings and studs are an indispensable part of every men's and women's accessories collection. Piercing has now become an integral part of today's fashion scene too.

Ear Piercing In Delhi has always been very famous, because now this form of art which everyone need, But still, But we believe that all ear piercing should be done professionally and hygienically. A lot of people are doing piercing in Delhi, but when it comes to professional piercing you can surly trust us for all your requirements.

We never use any piercing gun or piercing stapler to pierce any part of the ear. Generally same piercing gun is used to pierce everybody and piercing guns cannot be sterilized making it extremely unhygienic and unprofessional. This method may lead to a lot of blood and bacterial cross contamination and lead to some health issues. Piercing guns are widely used by jewelry shop owners. They sometime pierce people directly using the jewelry which is not good. Both gun method/Wire and piercing with jewelry caused a lot of damage to the skin and lead to infections.

The demand for exclusive and customized Ear Piercing Accessories is increasing with each day. Normally, when a person pierces their ears, it is the classic ear lobe piercing. However, there are many other ear piercings for girls and boys, not to mention the different earrings that can be worn for each of them! On this page, we have showcased the most common ear piercings with short details of each piercing.

From the most demanding Standard lobeto Helix, Daith and Tragus, a wide choice is available for you, and is here to serve you

Standard Lobe

Most Popular among girls and boys

Standard Lobe Undoubtedly the most pierced area, This is most popular unisex piercing. Standard ear lobe is the widest and softer part of the ear. This piercing is least painful.

These piercings were considered feminine in early 90s, but soon after that a lots of artist, musician, actors, fitness freaks started to get ear lobe pierced and soon became very popular among guys too and became a success fashion accessories which was already a super hit among ladies.

Types of Jewelry: rings, screw bases studs, you can put all kinds of jewelry when it is all healed

Healing Time: It is the fastest to heal. It will take between 1 and 2 months in total.

Upper Lobe

Upper lobe piercings are very popular among females

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As the name itself suggest, upper lobe piercing is done on the upper side of standard lobe piercings. This piercing is also very popular among females. Up to 2 to 3 upper lobe piercings can be done as shown in the pictures depending on the size of ear. These piercings look awesome with latest trending jewelry.

Types of Jewelry: rings, screw bases studs, you can put all kinds of jewelry when it is all healed

Healing Time: It is the fastest to heal. It will take between 1 and 2 months in total.


Popular among girls

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Among the trendiest is the Tragus piercing: the Tragus is the piece of cartilage located just above the exit of the external auditory canal (orifice of the ear). It is usually not very painful due to the low number of nerve endings in the Tragus. It is usually pierced right in the middle with a fairly fine needle. Some people go for single piercing and others go for the pair.

Types of Jewelry: The most common and recommended are probably the screwable studs with designer stones and gems. A very less number of people go for any ring.

Healing Time: Helix takes about 3 to 4 months to heal properly depending on your health conditions and aftercare.

Snug Piercing

Less commonn. Feminine piercing

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Just like the rook piercing, the Snug piercing remains uncommon. This piercing is located on the same part of the ear cartilage as the rook but lower, facing the external auditory canal. Just like the piercing of its colleague, it passes through two layers of cartilage and can therefore it is a little more painful.

Types of Jewelry: The Snug piercing will accommodate small jewelry such as a small ring or a curved barbell due to its location.

Healing Time: As with a conch piercing, the snug can take 4 to 6 months to heal


Less common. Popula with females

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The Rook piercing is located on the part of the cartilage that forms a fold facing the anti-helix. Depending on the person, some might not be "eligible" for this piercing if the part of the ear forming a fold is not pronounced enough.

Types of Jewelry: we will often opt for curved barbell jewelry, but it is also possible to put a ring after its is healed.

Healing Time: Like other cartilage piercings, a rook piercing can take 4 to 6 months to fully heal.

Daith Piercing

Less common and should only be done by professional

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The Daith piercing is done in the final part of the helix in the cartilage just above the external auditory canal (ear hole). This is one of the most typical piercing for ear and it is very important that anyone doing this piercing should know about it and well trained. This is one of the best looking piercing for any girl

You may have already heard of the benefits of Daith piercing against migraines, nothing is currently scientifically proven, but several positive testimonials support its anti-migraine benefits (We in anyway do not claim that it is good against migration. For us it is just another piercing)

Types of Jewelry: For a fresh piercing we recommend a curved barbell, and when it is healed, rings Ohh My God!! Look amazing…

Healing Time: It will take between 3 to 6 months to heal completely depending on your health and aftercare conditions.

Inner Conch

One of the best looking and loved piercing among females

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A Inner Conch piercing is located in the middle of the ear, which is the area with the most space, and thanks to its location, it is one of the most customizable ear piercings you can get. When asking for this type of piercing, keep in mind that you can get an internal or external shell-like piercing depending on the shape of your ear. Inner conch piercing is when a hole is punched right through the center of the ear to make room for the jewelry. Then there's the outer shell piercing, which allows a ring to go around the outer edge of the ear cartilage (hello, hoop earrings).

Types of Jewelry: Studs and bars are excellent choices for new inner shell piercings, as they are small and comfortable and easy to change when the time comes. Studs and bars are excellent choices fora fresh conch done.

Healing Time: The healing process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. This varies based on how post-piercing care is followed and your overall health conditions.

industrial Ear Piercing

Very popular with boys and girls

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An Industrial piercing (or known as the “Scaffold” piercing) is the combination of two piercings joined by a straight bar, connecting a piercing to the anti-helix by a piercing closer to the beginning of the 'helix just above the conch. As with a rook piercing, some people will not be able to make an industrial piercing according to the shape of their ear. Today, the industrialist is as much appreciated by women as men, so treat yourself, gentlemen!

Type of Jewelry: It uses jewelry specially designed for an industrial piercing, such as a large straight barbell.

Healing Time: The complete healing of an industrial piercing can take from 4 months to 6 months, depending on aftercare and health conditions.


One of the most loved piercings

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The Helix piercing is located on the upper part of the ear and done on the cartilage bone, and the helix represents the part more or less folded on itself depending on the morphology of each. It is, therefore, possible to make several piercings on the edge of the ear.

Types of jewelry: The most common remains the rings, we use surgical grade stud for any new piercing. This is not allergic and one of the safest jewelry for any fresh piercing. Once it is healed you can switch to any jewelry of your choice, either gold/silver rings or studs.

Healing Time: Helix takes about 3 to 5 months to heal properly depending on your health conditions and dedication for aftercare.

Forward Helix

Very Pooular with girls

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The Forward helix piercing is on the part of the helix closest to the face. It is also common to see several Forward helix piercings depending in the size of area to be pierced to place several rings or studs.

Types of jewelry: we will often see screw bases studs. Some snaller sings can also be used.

Healing Time: The anti-helix takes between 3 months to 6 Months to heal.

Anti Tragus

Less common, this is a feminine piercing

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Anti-Tragus piercings are a type of cartilage piercing that has grown in popularity over the past few years, especially as this style of piercing and this location for placing earrings has become very chic in Delhi and all over India. The earring passes through the folded skin of the small, curved area above the earlobe, next to the tragus , hence the name anit-tragus

Types of Jewelry: curved barbell, ball closure ring, or circular barbell (micro jewelry). Avoid swimming in water until healed.

Healing Time: 3 to 5 months to heal completely.

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