Professional Body Piercing Training/Classes In Delhi, India

Body piercing is one of the fastest growing segments when it comes to body modifications. It is a pure fashion statement and be id males or females, love to flaunt their piercings. Craze for different piercings is rapidly growing in metro cities in India , Like Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata, Bangalore and many other parts and with that people are becoming aware of safe and professional piercings, hence increasing demand for professional piercers. People nowadays do a lot of research themselves and understand how important is a professionalism. When you are piercing anyone that should always be done correctly. Many things may go wrong as piercing any body part need a high skillset in order to achieve a good and healthy piercing result. So, if you are one of those who wants to learn the art of pro body piercings, this is it for you. We offer professional body piercing course/training in Delhi, India.

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Opportunities For A Professional Piercer.

Since piercing is on a very high demand all over India, there is a huge market and customer base available. Any piercing is a fashion statement and everyone wants to look good, so the demand for body modification is never ending. If you already own a Jewellery Shop or a Tattoo Stusio/Shop, this is the best addon to your business as you already have a customer base who are/may be willing for the piercing. You can always tell your existing clients about your new services and sell which will grow your overall revenue and business. As a piercer you can earn anywhere Rs 10,000/- to 1,00,000/- per month depending your customer base, experience and how you market your services.

Not only this, you can also work as a freelancer. Today a lot of people are doing freelancing and partnering with different jewellers, tattoo shops and even with beauty salons. Freelancing always give you an opportunity to decide how you want to work and when you want to work.

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About Your Trainer

Hi.. I am Gaurav and all your piercing lessons will be conducted by me. I have been doing professional body piercing and tattoos since last 8 years. done all types of piercings for males and females. My experience and deep knowledge will help you learn about various piercings. I am all self-learned man and have done piercings as a guest artist at many studios across India. I love to teach and have always promoted professional and safe piercing. For a piercer it is an art where professionalism and hygiene is very important to safeguard customers and himself.

You also get a free piercing kit with the course. This kit will include

1.1 Surgical grade professional forcep used for ear, nose, navel, nipple and many other piercings.

2.1 Surgical grade professional forcep for septum piercing

3.100 Piercing needles

4.100 Different piercing jewelleries

5.2 Tissue rolls

6.1 Box of gloves

7.1 Free website

This kit will be handed over to you on 3rd day of training.

You will use our training material for practice during the course

About Piercing Course/Training.

So your piercing course/training is designed such a way that you make the most out of it and understand each and every aspect very well. This is 4 (four) full days programme. Classes will begin at 1 pm till 7 pm on all days.

On day 1 we will do all the basics, like “what is body piercing?”, Introduction to different types of piercing like Ear, Nose, Navel, Oral with their “Call Names”. On 1st day you will also understand about different methods of piercing like gunshot piercing, wire piercing, and tools used for piercings. Your tools are one of the most important parts of any process, so it is very important to understand different types of forceps used for ear, navel or septum piercing. After the tools knowledge, it is very important to understand about different gauges of needles used for piercing and jewelleries.

On day 2 you will be taught about all the correct piercing points for a well-balanced piercing. Like if you are piercing a navel, you should know correct points for piercing and same thing goes for all other piercing. After this a correct marking is most important part. Correct piercing marking will always make a difference between a good or a bad piercing as it decides an entry and exit points of a particular piercing. A good marking will ensure a good-looking piercing which will also geal fast as it. This will be followed by lessons of needle handling. A safe method where you will be briefed about “how to use/handle a needle for piercing?” this will be more focused about avoiding any self-injuries specially any used needle.

Now by this time you have all the knowledge about piercing tools, different jewelleries, needles, it is time to practice. You will be provided a graph based artificial skin to practice. This practice will be very helpful for you to understand and apply what all you have learned till now. This graph-based skin will have a pre-defined entry and exit piercing points and you have to practice the same using all the tools and needles. This will give you a lot of confidence before doing any real piercing. This process will itself clear many doubts and may raise many new questions for which we are here to help.

Day 3 will begin with marketing lessons, like how to promote your piercing business on various social medial platforms. After this we will focus on customer consultation. Now this is very important part and you should always be very confident and customer might ask you a lot of questions. You should be able to answer some of the basic questions and as you keep on working and gain knowledge and experience you will be able to answer the most typical questions. Next on the same day we will teach you about setting up the piercing station so that no hygiene protocol is compromised. It is very important to place the workstation on correct side (right hand side or left-hand side), comfortable seating for customer during piercings so that you can work easily and your hands are easily able to reach piercing area and workstation.

This will be followed by hygiene protocols during piercings. Cleaning workstation before and after every session. You can not touch any random things like your cell phone or any other things during piercing. This will give a knowledge about do and don’s during piercing to keep hygiene maintained. How used needle and other piercing bio waste should be treated and disposed and many other. After this we keep a general discussion session where we do group discussion and uncleared questions or doubts.

Day 4 will be most exiting and will be full of practical knowledge. This day will include a practical session. You will be doing piercing for real. This session will enhance skills on tools usage for different piercings, safe method of marking and piercing body parts to avoid pain or bleeding. Correct method of putting up the jewellery from correct direction bases on jewellery and piercing type. This practical session will include piercings like ear piercing, nose piercing, septum piercing, navel piercing. This session will also include practical on various things learned in last few days, like piercing setup, handling and disposing used needle and other waste and many other things learned earlier.

This will be followed by things like post piercing cleaning and removal of setup, piercing aftercare for customers. By this time, you may have some questions and doubts which we will clear during practical sessions and group discussions. By the end of the day we will distribute certificate for the completion of piercing course, but that is not the end of our relations with you. We are always open for you, if you have any doubts in near future you can always visit us or call for help if you are having questions or stuck with some project. This will be a lifetime support. Practice is very important, keep on doing piercings, this will gain you a lot of confidence and knowledge.

Course/Training Road Map

Day 1
  • Introduction to piercing
  • Introduction to type of piercing (Ear, Nose, Navel and others)
  • Understanding different piercing methods
  • Tools Knowledge
  • Type of jewelleries used for body piercing
Day 2
  • Understanding correct piercing points
  • Correct marking for right entry and exit points of piercing
  • How to use piercing needle to avoid needle stick(self-injury)
  • Practice on fake skin using piercing needle
Day 3
  • How to do consultation with customer
  • How to prepare piercing setup
  • Hygiene protocols
  • General discission and question and answer
Day 4
  • How to use piercing tools
  • Practical piercing sessions
  • How to pierce different body parts
  • Safe methods of piercing
  • Aftercare for piercing
  • General discussion to clear all doubts


Course/Training Fees

Profession Body Piercing Course/Training Free- Rs 20,000/-(twenty thousands only).

Free piercing kit as mentioned above.

We take not more then 5 students for every batch. To book your seat please call 9266555507

For all the students coming from Jammu Kashmir , Punjab , Chandigarh , Rajasthan , Uttarakhand , Haryana , lucknow( Uttar Pradesh) , Bihar ,Bhopal(Madhya Pradesh) , Gujarat ,Mumbai, Pune (Maharashtra) ,Bengaluru (karnataka) , Guwahati (Assam)and other parts of India , we help you find an economical stay/hotel near to the studio at your own cost

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Learn From The Best

Enrol today to learn the best and professional body piercing in Delhi, India

Your piercing learning will include-

Ear – Lobe, Upper Lobe, Helix, Conch, Tragus, Forward Helix, Industrial, Daith

Nose- Nostril, High Nostril, Septum, Bridge

Oral- Tongue, Smiley, Dimple, Labret, Vertical Labret, Medusa

Surface- Navel, Dermal (Also called anchor or chest piercing)

Nipple Piercing (Male & Female)

For Practical piercing lesions you will have to arrange a model on whom you can perform piercing to practice.

Learn from the best, Be a professional piercer

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