Success stories of students trained by us.

For us teaching has always been a joy, and we feel excited to see our students from around the country delivering a good quality and professional work.

Below are the amazing stories from some of our students who learned professional body piercing from us and we wish them all the best for their upcoming career

From a professional tattooist, and now also a professional piercer

Sahil Kapoor

classespiercing training in indiaI never thought that I will be able to piercer anyone. learn body piercing

Hi, my name is Sahil Kapoor, I live in New Delhi own a tattoo studio in Delhi itself, and I was losing a lot of customers who were looking for a professional piercing service. I did not know how to piercer and also, I had fear of piercing someone with needle which really need a lot of dare and confidence. I was so scared that I could not see someone getting pierced in front of me as it looked too brutal to me.

I was losing tattoo customers also as some customers were demanding tattoo and piercing services all together and I could only offer tattoo services. I then finally decided to learn professional piercing and started searching for the best piecing instructor who could teach me. I found Gaurav and contacted him about the course. After knowing all the details my 1st question was “Will I be able to do piercing. I actually had no confidence at all on me and because of no other support from anyone. Gaurav actually had faith in me as a student he always said “Yes you can do it. I did few piercings under practical sessions during my training like Tragus, Upper Lobe and nose piercing which made me a lot confident. Even after my training, if I have any doubts or questions, I am getting all the support from him.

Now I am happily accepting piercing appointments and doing good. My business has also grown as I now have piercings also to offer.

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From a jeweller to a piercer

Ginni Sharma

Rohini SinghbestI was always struggling to deliver a good and clean worktattoo tarining

Hi my name is Ginni. I had a jewellery shop in Haridwar since long time near river ganga. Haridwar being a pilgrimage tourist spot, a lot of people use to visit my place for piercing as it has a lot of Indian traditional values and I was always struggling with piercing and was not able to deliver clean and good work. Then I decided to get a proper piercing training to improve my work.

I askes a lot of people and then someone suggested me about Gaurav in New Delhi. Within days I was at his studio for my training. It was 4 days training session where I learned a lot about hygiene, piercing process, aftercare and many more things. Before my training I was able to do only ear and nose piercings, but now I am able to do a lot of different piercings. One of the best things is that after training you get piercing jewelleries and needles which are included in the course, so after you come back you are all ready to start your piercing journey. You don’t have to worry about buying those things instantly.

This training has for sure improved my professional level and increased my sales.

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Journey From An Unprofessional To Professional Piercer

Bhupinder singh

nipple piercingadult piercingI was not able to deliver clean work and always struggled on aftercaresurface piercing training

Hi, I am Bhupinder Singh. I own a jewellery shop in the city centre of Jodhpur My father started jewellery selling business in 1950s. My jewellery store is located at a very prime location of the city, so a lot of people visit us for piercing.

I was already doing gunshot piercing which was giving me and my customers problem like accuracy and infection. Since long time I was thinking to get a professional piercing course. I did some research online and come to know about this place. But the problem was, I was in jodhpur and visiting to Delhi just for this course was a problem. So, time passed by and I had an invitation for some wedding in Delhi. This was the correct time to learn piercing. I called Gaurav and told that I am coming to Delhi for some functions, and I want to join your course. My admission got accepted at a very short notice.

My training went super smooth and was much more than I had thought. I was briefly educated on piercing styles, hygiene, setup and aftercare. This training has definitely improved me deliver a good work.

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From a professional hairdresser and now a pro piercer

Pawan Wasudeo Deogadkar

nipple piercingadult piercingI was always obsessed with piercings since my college days.surface piercing training

Hi, my name is Pawan and I am from Chandrapur Maharashtra, I was working as a hairdresser in Mumbai for 7 years for a famous beauty salon. I was always obsessed with piercings since my college days. Life was going well and in 2020 covid hit the world. Due to the lockdown, I lost my job and had to return to my hometown. For a long time, I had to sit at home as many businesses were shutting down and it was very hard to find a job after the lockdown was over. I started working from home (hairdressing) and things started to ease now. Soon I decided to open my own hair salon in my hometown. Preparing for my salon I realized that I should do piercings too. It will be an additional offering to my customers and will help increase sales. In the past, I had always delivered quality and professional work that had to be continued. So learning professional piercing was a must for me. I started searching for piercing training online and came to know about Gaurav in Delhi. All the details were already on his website and have some questions for which I give him a call to understand.

Days later I was in Delhi to join piercing training. My classes went smoothly and I must say, body piercing is much more than I expected. I was told about jewellery sizes, needle sizes, hygiene precautions, and more. I am glad to learn piercing from this place. Now I have returned home and am about to open my doors to customers.

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